Confused About
Healthcare Reform?

What is a subsidy? Do you qualify? Did you miss the healthcare enrollment deadline? Can you still get insurance? When is open enrollment? Are you a small business owner wanting to save money on health insurance expenses? Is there a way to assist employees if you’re not providing group health insurance? Do you have a qualifying event such as: you recently married, moved, had changes in your employer group plan, had a baby? I can help.

“My Mission is to improve
the lives of the people I serve.”
– Shiela Bennett

FIND A PLAN thats right for you

When it comes to finding affordable health insurance options, you can spend countless hours doing your own research or you can make a single call to me, Shiela Bennett (918)729-HELP and I’ll do the legwork for you.

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As an independently licensed insurance agent, I offer a broad portfolio of health plans from over 120 recognized national and regional carriers priced to be affordable and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of you, your family and your lifestyle.

Find the Coverage and Protection You Deserve

Not all agents are certified to help clients with subsides. Whether you are seeking the tax credit or not, I can help you select the right plan and apply for the coverage that best suits your needs. Government subsidies up to 100% of the premium may be available to you and your family…No need to go anywhere else.

Get the Best Coverage at the Lowest Prices

I work hard to maximize your protection and keep your cost down to keep more of your money in your pocket. I guarantee you won’t find a lower price anywhere for the insurance products I offer as an independently licensed insurance agent. Call now to speak with me direct
(918)729-HELP – Shiela Bennett

“Thank you Shiela for taking the time to educate me on healthcare reform, personally understand my needs,
and help select the health insurance plan that was right for my family” – Chris N.